Use the most powerful tool to plan your life and work - a single text file

# My Plan

## Inbox

- [ ] #home - Fix the lamp
- [ ] Update Rust

## 2020-08-01, Saturday

- [ ] Develop photos
- [X] Pay bills

## 2020-07-31, Friday

- Met with Mike and Molly
- [X] #work - Review open pull requests
- [X] #work - Fix the flaky test

Schedule tasks

Keep tasks scheduled in future in another text file.

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Manage contacts

Keep in touch with your family, friends and contacts.

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Alas is released under MIT licence and the code is available online.

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No vendor lock-in

You own the data. Works with any text editor.

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Choose any text editor and Alas CLI to maintain the text file

alas --insert-days 3 \
  --remove-empty-days \
  --schedule-tasks \
  --schedule-contacts contacts \

Alas is a CLI application that helps you maintain your plan file. Alas supports a number of commands for updating the plan file.


alas --insert-days 3 will insert 3 new days (starting from today) into your plan file.


alas --remove-empty-days will remove past days that don't have any events or tasks from the plan.


Insert task scheduled for today into the plan.


Insert tasks to get in touch with your friends and family.