We keep Ruby on Rails applications clean, well oiled and ticking.

We're a 2 person web development team working with a solid, production tested web stack - Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and PostgreSQL.

How can we help?

I have a Rails application and need help with the maintenance.

We got this. We work with Rails for more than 10 years. Some applications we maintain are older than 16. Released before Rails 1.0! We find joy in keeping a useful system in a good shape.

I have a slow Rails application and want to make it faster.

This happens. There's often not enough time to invest in performance. But performance matters. We use solid, industry standard tools to find performance bottlenecks in your application. Low hanging fruits and high benefits first!

I need help with testing a Rails application.

We would be happy to help! We always write tests and we love when other teams take effort to do so. We can help your team start with testing and Test Driven Development. We can write core tests for existing apps, fix flaky tests, optimize test suites and set up a Continuous Integration pipeline for your project.

I need help with something else.

Is it on the Web? We can probably do it. We helped our clients automate workflows, launch static and WordPress websites, implement designs and WordPress themes. Even if it's not our core expertise, if you're our client, we'll help any way we can.

Feel free to get in touch any time by sending us an email.



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